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Mogul keeping out the squatters

Even in a neat black suit Joost Van Gestel appears slightly rumpled, as though distracted by the demands of managing thousands of far-flung properties that do not actually belong to him. The preoccupied air is understandable for someone running such a peculiar real-estate empire.

Squatters Evicted

The squatters are out, although the lingering smell of cheap beer, tobacco and weed still made me gag as I went upstairs this evening

Chassidism teaches that everything we see, hear or experience, including supposedly negative or sombre encounters, are orchestrated ‘on High’. We are charged therefore to learn and be inspired from each experience. In fact, the 18th Century Chassidic Master Reb Zushe of Anipoli declared that he was inspired in seven different ways by a thief! (

Squatter has court date

The squatter’s dream may soon be coming to an end in Flower Mound.

According to Denton County documents, Flower Mound resident Kenneth Robinson, who used adverse possession to move into a home in the 2200 block of Waterford Drive after the home’s owner had left the home in foreclosure, was served with an eviction notice on Friday, issued from Bank of America.

Bank officials stated that it has claimed the house he has lived in since July 2012.

Police arrest 70 in left-wing Berlin riots

Around 70 people were arrested and 30 police officers injured during riots in Berlin early on Sunday after several incidents blamed on left-wing activists escalated.

A former squat in the city’s southern Friedrichshain area, which was evicted this time last year, was attacked by a group of 100 people at around 00:30 on Sunday morning.

Squat lords rule

Death threats, an upsurge in violence and heated confrontation with thugs and squatters in the community of Bois Bande Village, Sangre Grande, over agricultural lands have lead to several farmers abandoning their productive acreages. Once a thriving agricultural district, Bois Bande has seen a drastic decline in its farming population as a result of the influx of squatters and undesirables who have been throwing up wooden and concrete structures for rental.