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Inside Britain’s very middle-class squat

Last week the Mail Online revealed how one of Bristol’s most expensive homes – with a price tag of £2.25m – had been invaded by squatters.

Here Robert Hardman reveals what life is now like inside the grade II-listed building.

Anger at Polish builders squatting in Army homes – using British law to live there for free

Polish building workers are squatting in Army homes – using British law to live there for nothing.

The three Eastern European men moved into a Ministry of Defence semi-detached house next to dozens of Service families three weeks ago.

Mogul keeping out the squatters

Even in a neat black suit Joost Van Gestel appears slightly rumpled, as though distracted by the demands of managing thousands of far-flung properties that do not actually belong to him. The preoccupied air is understandable for someone running such a peculiar real-estate empire.

Squatters Evicted

The squatters are out, although the lingering smell of cheap beer, tobacco and weed still made me gag as I went upstairs this evening

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Moldovan squatters prevent house sale

Janice Mason had decided to put her childhood home on the market and make a clean break with the past by selling the property.

But having found a buyer a group of Eastern European squatters moved in before the contracts had been exchanged and changed the locks.

As a result, she and her husband David are unable to progress with the sale and are even having to pay for the electricity the squatters use while they remain in the £250,000 property.