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Squatter has court date

The squatter’s dream may soon be coming to an end in Flower Mound.

According to Denton County documents, Flower Mound resident Kenneth Robinson, who used adverse possession to move into a home in the 2200 block of Waterford Drive after the home’s owner had left the home in foreclosure, was served with an eviction notice on Friday, issued from Bank of America.

Bank officials stated that it has claimed the house he has lived in since July 2012.

Deputies evicted squatters from ‚Occupy home‘ in Central District

Fears of booby traps had several King County Sheriff’s deputies and SWAT team members on hand to evict several people who had been squatting in a home in the city’s Central District early Wednesday morning.

It was just after 4 a.m. when police closed off the area surrounding the home near 23rd and East Jefferson and moved to force out seven people inside, said officials with the King County Sheriff’s Office.

Squatters say foreclosed homes beat homeless shelters

Reporting from New York — Slips of paper are pasted to the broken door of the corner row house, violations for the garbage piled near the front steps. The stench of trash wafts up the dark interior stairway, where an ashtray filled with cigarette butts sits like an abandoned potted plant on the second-floor landing.

Nobody lives here, at least not officially.

Occupy squatters evicted

Seattle – Friday afternoon police were called to a home in the Central District where a number of Occupy protesters were squatting.

Seattle police detective Jeff Kappel said the home, located at 1909 Spruce St., was undergoing renovations and no one was living in the house. Witnesses who contacted police knew the people entering the home did not live there, so they contacted police. Many of the people fled from the home before police arrived.

Three Arrested in Mansfield Squatter Crackdown

Three more people were arrested as Mansfield cracks down on people using the state’s adverse possession law, commonly known as „squatter’s rights.“

The obscure law allows residents to claim property through the courts if no owner is on hand to challenge the claim.