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Oslo: New collective eko-house

Oslo, freday 5 february 2010,

Dear neighbours, Nordmarka – and Maridal – friends,

Today, we started to live in several of the old houses at Skar in Maridalen, Oslo.

Report from squatting festival in Lund, Sweden 16-17 may

For many years in Sweden, squatting houses has been something not
attempted very often, a lot because of the no-tolerance laws and
practice by the Swedish state. The attempts during the last 15-20 years
met heavy sentences and the interest in squatting sank to a low level.
After the eviction of Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen many were inspired by
the resistance and the movement that arose around the fight for a youth
house, and the idea started to seem more real again. During the
international squat days of action in April 2008 several houses were
squatted in many Swedish cities, purposely during a limited time to make
public activities.

Arson against Swedish social center Cyklopen.

Shortly before 19:00 Swedish time on Saturday the 29th of November, the
social center Cyklopen (the Cyclops), caught fire. The place had been
broken into and arson was immediately suspected. Nazis are believed to
have been behind the attack against this self built house at the outskirts
of Stockholm. Everything that existed in the house is destroyed, also the
archive and library of social movements.

Sweden cleans out squatters

Police in Sweden have embarked on a mission to evict squatters living in the south of the country, with the university town of Malmo turning into something of a hotbed of activism. The squatters are not happy about an ongoing housing shortage in the region, so they’ve taken to the streets in Malmo and Lund to protest the need for more homes in southern Sweden.

new squat oslo

On Saturday the 18th there was a demonstration and action for better social
housing, squatting and autonomous places in Oslo.