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Death and Service Delivery in Soweto

On Friday a man died a (presumably) lonely death on the outskirts of Soweto, seemingly electrocuted by one of many illegal wires tapping electricity for use by a squatter camp. He won‘t be the last either, one way or another, not even if the lessons in his death are heeded. By PHILLIP DE WET.

CT mulls squatter bylaw

The City of Cape Town on Tuesday stressed land owners’ rights would not fall should a proposed property by-law be given the green light.

Council is considering introducing a by-law that would allow it to install basic services like water and electricity at informal settlements on private property without the owner’s permission.

The city’s spokesperson Kylie Hatton said, “What we are looking at with this proposed by-law is giving us the option of installing the services on the site.”

Hatton made it clear they would be taking full responsibility for the move.

“Obviously with the undertaking that we are responsible for the installation, the maintenance and the removal thereof when the people leave even if it’s due to an eviction order or because they have been relocated elsewhere.”

Both the ANC in the Western Cape and the Local Informal Settlement Network has welcomed the move.

Cambridge squatters may find themselves homeless

SQUATTERS in Cambridge are set to be moved to make way for development, bringing an end to a five-year battle between residents and those squatting on land near Olympic Avenue.
The growing number of people living in the shack town raised the ire of residents five years ago.
What started out as 17 families living on the land, quickly mushroomed into 60 shacks.
About 600 residents of the suburb petitioned the Buffalo City Municipality in 2005, calling for the eviction of the dwellers.
Quoting the Prevention of Illegal Eviction and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act, the residents threatened to take legal action against the municipality, whom they accused of failing to stop the growing camp.

Misery of life in ‘I’ve given up’

THE stench of human faeces coming from bucket toilets in Ndancama squatter camp in Scenery Park is the first warning of the appalling living conditions of the more than 600 people who call it home.
They have named it Ndancama, which means “I’ve given up” – because it was their last hope after their previous settlement near the Buffalo River Pass was destroyed by the city’s law enforcement police as they had put up their shack dwellings on private property.

Concern about loiterers and squatters at cemeteries

While complaints continue to stream in regarding the visual state of cemeteries in Pretoria, largely due to defaults in contract renewals, complaints about our local cemetery regarding other aspects paint a rather grim picture themselves.
Recent reports in Rekord outline how local cemeteries, including Rebecca Street and Pretoria East cemetery in Matt Street in Garsfontein, were unpleasant to visit due to tall grass and weeds that left the purportedly peaceful place of loved ones’ final resting place an absolute eyesore.