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New social centre opening October 1 in Sheffield

On October 1st, an new anti-capitalist, non-hierachical, liberated space in is due to open in Sheffield:

There is a „draft“ events listing on the web site:
- e-mail: info[[[AT]]]
- Homepage:

Eviction Barcelona’s squat (Amsterdam.Oct08)

2003 Blauwe Aanslag ontruiming

Amsterdam omtruimingsgolf – Amsterdam eviction wave

There was an eviction wave of squats in Amsterdam today. The first building that was evicted this morning was PS28. The ME [riot police] removed 30 people from the unbarricaded building. The second building they moved onto was the Barcelona in Staatsliedenbuurt.

new social centre in camberwell, london

About a year after the eviction of the former New Camberwell Centre, a new social centre has been opened in Camberwell, not far away from where the previous one stood.
The building where the Camberwell Centre stood has been left empty for this entire year, and only last week the boards that were placed outside were seen with a gap to allow physical access through the door.
Anyway – we have a new social centre! – address is 52 Knatchbull Road, although the entrance is through the gate on Burton rd, and the building is right behind Minet Library.