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Out and About | Ljubljana’s Squatter Chic

As regular readers — and followers of The Moment on Twitter — know, last week I was on a whirlwind road trip through Croatia and Slovenia. I had a great time and saw some pretty amazing stuff, and will do a more comprehensive post on the highlights next week. But as the weekend is upon us, I’ve been thinking today in particular about one of the most interesting aspects of Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital: squat-centered night life.

autonomous space in danger

Dear camerades,

For the past 14 years former military barracks in the middle of Maribor
served as cultural centre Pekarna for „alternative“ and independent cultural
production, citizens‘ initiatives and civil society.

„Cultural“ centre Pekarna has been an open space for exchange of ideas;
spontaneous lab; improvised studio, as well as autonomous and self-organized
production and event venue. But for the same 14 years the complex has been
deteriorating physically, with not much to go on except empty promises and
good-intentioned sympathies. This year renovation of whole complex was
planned, based on renovation and investment plans, accepted and confirmed by
City Council.

Major Franc Kangler is proposing to abandon current and well established
location with promises of establishing new one, but current premises would
be sold to developers.

We have enough of empty promises!
Please support us with signing the petition

For immediate renovation, for free creativity and for respect of independent
culture and free minded movements!

If you wish, you can also mail major Franc Kangler directly on !

Sindian Underground
Maribor, Slovenia

Sign this petition: