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Eviction of a squat in St. Petersburg

25th of May in the morning, police evicted squat „Pila“ in Ligovsky
prospect in St. Petersburg, which had existed for half a year. While
police was breaking in, people managed to escape from windows with some
valuables, and no-one was arrested. However many valuables were also
stolen or destroyed by the cops, for example musical instruments of the
squatters. 8 people were living in „Pila“ and many activities were
organised there. As most Russian squats, „Pila“ was clandestine and its
existence was not openly announced. Another such squat where concerts
were organised was also recently uncovered in Vasilevsky island, and it
had to be abandonded due to security threats.

Squatting. A film by Larisa Matteissen

Release date 3rd of February 2009
1 hour 25 minutes