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Rozbrat – the final strike, demonstration on 20th March 2010

The auction of the grounds where Poznan’s Rozbrat squat is situated will take place on 26th March at 10 a.m. Since January 2008, when the bailiff came to the squat for the first time, we have managed to keep the squat, through different legal actions and protests. If nobody buys the ground on 26th March, the next auction will take place within the next 2-3 years. That is why this is a critical moment for us.

Squat Elba (Warsaw) facing eviction

Elba is a two houses squat separated by a line. One side consists of a house and a wagenburg [trailer park] and the other side consists of the second house, a concert hall, and a bar. The other side has also a space for numerous workshops, a FOOD NOT BOMB’s kitchen, a skate park and a freeshop

Rozbrat stays!

When the dark clouds over Rozbrat squat have become a real threat we decided to organize a first (but probably not the last) demonstration in defence of our space. As some of you may already know, things around Rozbrat’s future started happening; the bank, the court, the auction. We will not wait passively, it’s high time we showed our presence in the city, in its streets.
The city authorities, against their own declarations, don‘t want to let Rozbrat stay, they don‘t support the place nor the cause. The words said by the vice president of Poznan when he met with us don‘t allow us to think in an optimistic way: there’s no space for us where we are now, there’s no space for us in the city centre, maybe there would be something in the outskirts, but this comes with no concrete proposal… so basically it comes with nothing. The city politics are clear: throw out everything what is different, unprofitable, what is not fitting in the commercial image of Poznan, they want to clear the centre so that it becomes an unlimited shopping mall.

rozbrat update

The lawyer of Rozbrat squat has obtained an information that the bailiff/debt collector has just sent the records and complete documentation to the court in order to set the date of the auction. This date may appear soon. The ground where Rozbrat is situated may be sold. The campaign „Rozbrat stays!“ was not very loud in the last months but it does not mean that the situation of Rozbrat has stabilized. We ask you to keep your eyes open and support us when necessary. Our stand is unchanged: we won‘t give up without fight!