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Estuary camps causing environmental concerns

For years the Squamish River Estuary has been home to a growing number of squatters, and the problem has resurrected the idea of a municipally designated squatter’s campsite.

Throughout the year, local environmental advocate John Buchanan and other volunteers clean up a proliferating number of abandoned squats. A few weeks ago, he and volunteers removed a camp from the middle of the river.

Out and About | Ljubljana’s Squatter Chic

As regular readers — and followers of The Moment on Twitter — know, last week I was on a whirlwind road trip through Croatia and Slovenia. I had a great time and saw some pretty amazing stuff, and will do a more comprehensive post on the highlights next week. But as the weekend is upon us, I’ve been thinking today in particular about one of the most interesting aspects of Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital: squat-centered night life.

Mixed reactions as squatters view new homes

THERE were mixed reactions from squatters of Tacirua East when they were shown their new home at Davuilevu.

Mohammed Ali, who moved to Davuilevu last Wednesday, said they had a mammoth task of trying to get water and electricity connected to their new home.

„I have no choice but to go through the hassle of moving my house from Tacirua to Davuilevu. I hope we will stay in Davuilevu for good and not be moved from one place to another,“ he said.

The squalor left behind in £30m Park Lane flat as squatters are evicted

The address is just as exclusive as that of her family’s New York penthouse apartment. But Anna Cole’s squat in Park Lane didn‘t come with quite the same number of little luxuries.
There were no loos, for instance, no central heating, no showers, no telephone – and almost certainly no hairdryer.
So she just had to improvise, with a mattress on the floor and a pretty pink duvet cover, a cardboard box for a dressing table and string for a clothing rail.
Anna Cole fixed up her corner of the Park Lane squat with a mattress, a cardboard box for a dressing table and a few bright trinkets

Squatting: ‚We climbed the drainpipe and moved in‘

It was as much a rite of passage as smoking a reefer or suffering Hawkwind’s first album. It was as cool as taking part in a CND demonstration, wearing loon pants or believing in the I Ching, with little or no stigma attached to its practitioners. Furthermore, it offered political smugness, street cred and, most importantly, it was affordable.