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Mogul keeping out the squatters

Even in a neat black suit Joost Van Gestel appears slightly rumpled, as though distracted by the demands of managing thousands of far-flung properties that do not actually belong to him. The preoccupied air is understandable for someone running such a peculiar real-estate empire.

Druk op bouwplan Vrijplaats

Leiden – Het Leidse vastgoedbedrijf Atrium van architect Hans Bakker moet
vaart maken met de bouw van appartementen in de door hem gekochte
voormalige Vrijplaats Koppenhinksteeg. Zo niet, dan treedt een
boeteclausule in werking van 25.000 euro per maand. Dat heeft
bouwwethouder Pieter van Woensel (VVD) de raadscommissie Ruimte laten
weten, die naar de voortgang informeerde.

Amsterdam police break up squatter rally

Mounted riot police descended on hundreds of people rallying in Amsterdam’s old city centre on Saturday on the anniversary of the introduction of a law that criminalises squatters.

The officers broke up the peaceful protest and arrested 17 people for allegedly violating the terms of a permit authorising it.

City spokeswoman Iris Reshef said the permit specified that they could only gather in front of city hall.

Ms Reshef said a group that was trapped by mounted police had been ordered to remove face-covering clothing and given a choice between being transported to city hall by bus or being arrested.

People in the Netherlands enjoyed the right to occupy buildings that had remained empty for a whole year until 2010, when right-wing MPs passed a bill that made squatting a crime punishable by up to two years behind bars.

It went into effect last October, triggering riots that police quelled with water cannon and armoured cars.

Days of action against the squatting ban

29th September – 2nd October


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