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TEF helps upgrading of squatter settlements

THE Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) has come to the assistance of the Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ) by funding the upgrading of squatter settlements by more than $1 billion over a three-year period.
HAJ Managing Director Joseph Shoucair said squatter communities in the tourism-dependent parishes of St Ann and St James, which were being regularised under the Operation Pride programme, have been completed with the aid of the TEF.
The Housing Agency of Jamaica’s team leader for community development and customer service, Lorenzo Sandford, addresses yesterday’s Observer Monday Exchange. Beside him is Desmond Young, director of the Technical Services Division.

Trelawny Moves Against Squatting

The Trelawny Parish Council, with the assistance of the Police, is moving decisively to put a stop to squatting in the parish, a situation seen as a growing problem in some areas.

With several major developments now taking place and others slated to be implemented soon, concerns are being raised about the number of squatter settlements popping up in different parts of the parish.

Plans were announced Thursday (June 10), during the monthly meeting of the Parish Council, for the formation of an Action Committee, to look specifically at ways to deal with the squatting problem.

Foreclosures bring squatters, evictions to community in South Jamaica

Last spring, Pamela Chappell saw a man sweeping the stoop next door at 114-02 Inwood St. in South Jamaica. At first she thought, „That’s nice, somebody bought the foreclosed house and moved in.“

Then came reality.

„I find out it’s a squatter,“ she said.

Government seeking squatting solutions – Ja to seek answers to squatting problems at housing and urbanisation conference

GOVERNMENT officials will be seeking fresh answers for the chronic squatting problem in their own backyard during an international housing and urbanisation conference scheduled for later this year.

Jamaica, through the Ministry of Water and Housing, will play host to the 18th annual MINURVI Conference, July 15 to 17 in Montego Bay, St James.


Nearly a million Jamaicans on stolen land

THE NUMBER of Jamaicans living in squatter settlements across the island could soon rush past the one million mark, with one-third of the population, or about 900,000 persons, occupying lands illegally.
Concerns were raised during yesterday’s sitting of the Standing Finance Committee of Parliament about an insufficient sum set aside in the 2009-10 Estimates of Expenditure to deal with squatter management.