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Eviction Notices Not Enforced Against Hebron’s Squatter Settlers

This week saw Palestinian shopkeepers from Hebron petition the High Court of Israel to honour an eviction notice given to settlers over two and a half years ago. In 2001 settlers moved illegally into part of Hebron market, which remains under the control of Israel’s Civil Administration. Today a number of settler families are squatting there, a presence which has severely reduced the numbers of Palestinian visitors and damaged the local economy.

Israel cuts off funding for West Bank outposts

GIVAT ASSAF OUTPOST, West Bank – Israel announced that it would cut off funding for illegal settlement outposts and crack down on extremist squatters, but settler leaders vowed Monday to resist the order and accused the government of fanning hatred toward them.
The government decision Sunday to cut off funding was a new acknowledgment that Israel has been complicit in the development of dozens of unauthorized outposts throughout the West Bank, despite repeated pledges to the U.S. to dismantle them.

Olmert laments ‚evil wind of extremism‘

YITZHAR, West Bank (AP) – A new dynamic has emerged in the West Bank: Jewish settlers block roads, burn tires or set fire to Palestinian fields when troops try to dismantle unauthorized settlements.
Activists call the tactic „price tag.“ They hope the havoc will deter Israeli security forces from removing any of the dozens of squatter camps, or outposts, dotting West Bank hills.
AP 29/09/08