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IRAQ: Karbala IDPs, squatters encouraged to return

Insufficient funds and an overburdened public services infrastructure have prompted authorities in Iraq’s central province of Karbala to assist the voluntary return of up 90,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 100,000 squatters.
“The provincial displacement committee will go through the files of the registered displaced families, and find those who are not registered, in addition to the squatters, to encourage them to return to their areas of origins, which are safe now,” Nussaif Jassim Mohammed, deputy head of Karbala Provincial Council, told IRIN.

Move to evict squatters from government property

BAGHDAD, 7 January 2009 (IRIN) – The Iraqi government has decided to evict all people who have been squatting in government buildings or on government land since the 2003 US-led invasion which toppled Saddam Hussein’s regime.

“The Iraqi Cabinet has decided to evict all squatters in or on government property – land, houses, residential buildings or offices. They will be given financial help to find alternative places to live,” said a government statement on 4 January.

Iraqi army begins demolishing Baghdad squatter camp

BAGHDAD (AFP) Iraqi army bulldozers roared into a squatters‘ camp in Baghdad on Thursday, witnesses said, ignoring protests by people who have lived in the abandoned arms depot for the past five years.
Dozens of soldiers backed by Iraqi police began dismantling the camp in the city’s mostly Shiite Hurriyah neighbourhood where some 675 families — around 4,000 people — have lived since they fled from Sunni insurgents in late 2003.