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Het laatste kraakpand van Nederland

Voor degenen die de zeewind bij de piratenbar onfris vinden: kom een stukje landinwaarts logeren in ‚Het laatste kraakpand van Nederland‘ een vers mooi rot kraakpandje van een speculant op de Witte de Withstraat te Rotterdam, voorheen ook wel ‚Wipper de Wipstraat‘ en ‚Coker de Cokestraat‘ genoemd. Nu ten prooi aan gentrificatie en speculatie; alleen kraken maakt het nog leuk.


Squatters evicted from £6.25m house find a new home… a Mayfair mansion worth £22.5m

They had already taken over a £6.25million mansion – and it seems its charms gave one group of squatters a taste for the high life.
After being evicted from the plush Mayfair property, they wasted no time in finding an even more salubrious pad, worth £22.5million, round the corner.
The squatters, a collective of well-spoken twenty-somethings who call themselves the Temporary School of Thought, moved into their new home at the end of November.

Quebec City: A squat short story (from Barricada #18)

On Friday, September 20th, the 920 de la Chevrotiere squat in Quebec City
was evicted following more then 4 months of occupation. The eviction was
carried out by a small army of cops and city officials.

Property Is Theft-Villa Road Squatters







Squatters ‚delay‘ Bristol affordable housing

Places for People says it wants to help first-time buyers and families urgently in need of housing by refurbishing 87 Ashley Road, a four-storey Georgian townhouse that it owns.
But the building has been illegally occupied since April and is now home to a group of 20 squatters.
The squatters, a group of men and women who say they are taking good care of the building, are refusing to move, claiming Places for People has not made its intentions for the house clear.