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oh, those dirty squatters….

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly now argues that the 50,000 people living in Sodom and Gomorrah, as the Ghanaian capital’s most notorious squatter community is called, are stalling an environmental project that will clean the waters of Accra’s lagoon. Peacefm quotes AMA Chief Executive Dr. Alfred Vanderpuiye: „We are pumping money [into this project] and then we’ve another gateway pumping rubbish and feces [back] into the lagoon. Much resources have been wasted…even our donor partners are accusing us of high level of irresponsibility…That is the main reason why the project has stalled. They are putting up structures, buildings and expanding into the lagoon.“

Ex-Ministers Squatting In Govt Houses

The Enquirer newspaper can reveal that the nation’s scarce resources are still spent on the comfort of a large number of ex-ministers and retired appointees of the ruling government for no services rendered to the state many months or even years after they left office. The Chief Director of the Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing, Mr. K. Gyateng has confirmed to The Enquirer newspaper that indeed, some ex-ministers were still in state bungalows, and added that some retired government appointees are also involved.