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Tattoo artist squats on presidential website

When internet users click on that site it is not the French president whose image appears, but a black and white image of a woman and the title „un combat, une vie, 15 ans“ (a battle, a life, 15 years).

The site is being „cyber-squatted“ by Corinne Dubosque, the owner of a tattoo parlour in Pontault-Combault, a town to the east of Paris, reported Le Parisien.

Tunisian migrants squatting in Paris building refuse to leave

Tunisian migrants have occupied a Paris building deemed unsafe, refusing pleas to leave and offers of alternative housing Tuesday.

The 130 migrants, calling themselves the Lampedusa Tunisian Collective, are mostly young adults and minors. Many say they fled instability in their homeland, where the so-called jasmine revolution overthrew longtime leader Zine el Abidine ben Ali in January.

Demi-Lune squat evicted, repression in Montreuil, France

La Demi-Lune, a squat evicted in Montreuil on Thursday the 14th

“ We’re all on the streets, let’s all take to the streets!”


Riot Cops Begin Clearing Immigrant ‚Jungle‘

Around 600 officers were involved in the operation and they detained 278 people, of whom 132 said they were children.

Public order teams gathered at local barracks in the French port, ahead of the operation to detain illegal immigrants and demolish the makeshift camp, known as ‚the Jungle‘.

As the first dozen officers entered the camp a small group of rights activists formed a human chain trying to bar access to the migrants, shouting „no border, no nation, stop deportation“.

Violent eviction in paris

# Last Thursday in Paris, La Clinique an alternative space in Montreuil
in Paris has been violently evicted.
The former clinique was „opened“ in January.
During the eviction ( a RAID style eviction from the roof, with Tazer
Guns and arms) one of the occupants
has been hit by a „flash-ball gun“ shot on his head and lost one eye.
Others have been injured and arrested during the eviction.
More infos :

# Few days before always in Paris a long term (and critical )occupation
of sans-papier has been evicted
by trade union activist from the CGT wearing white masks and metal
bars like a sort of paramilitary security service of the same trade union,
pretending this to be a solution to their own internal class
More infos and pictures here :

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(solidarity email in support of the eviction of La Clinique in Paris )

De :
Date : 11 juillet 2009 12:01:53 HAEC
À :
Objet : [zpajol] Non aux violences policières à Montreuil

COMMUNIQUÉ 11 juillet 2009
9ème Collectif des sans-papiers

Le 9ème Collectif des sans-papiers dénonce les violences policières à
Montreuil à la suite de l‘expulsion du lieu La Clinique, les tirs à bout
portant à la tête de flashballs sur les manifestants qui ont causé la
perte d‘un oeil à un camarade, les blessures, les arrestations et les
gardes à vue qui ont suivi.
La police franchit une étape de criminalisation et de répression des
Nous appellons toutes les forces éprises de justice à dénoncer ce qui
s‘est passé et à exiger des poursuites contre les responsables de cet acte
odieux, et que l‘utilisation de ces armes soient interdites.