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Squatters ideological dilemma in becoming landowners

LAST SUMMER, the Danish state offered to sell a good chunk of the 80-odd-acre former military base in central Copenhagen to Christiania, the alternative community whose residents have been squatting there for four decades. For the residents, who fundamentally reject the idea of landownership, this presented an ideological quandary.

“Christiania has offered to buy it,” says Risenga Manghezi, a spokesman for the community.

“But Christiania doesn’t want to own it.”

Denmark: Shares launch rescues squatters

A hippy enclave at the heart of the Copenhagen cannabis trade will mark its 40th anniversary by selling shares to raise funds to get the government off its back.

Proceeds from Christiania’s „people’s shares“ will go into a fund to finance a 76m crown (£9m) property deal with the government – which will give residents of the self-proclaimed freetown the right to stay on property where they have been squatting since 1971.

The shares will not give holders any stake in Christiania or voting rights, so buying them amounts to a donation.

Rules close in on Copenhagen freetown

Fristaden Christiania is a commune on the site of an old barracks in the centre of Copenhagen, home to almost 1,000 people whose determination to defend their lifestyle has kept the Danish authorities at bay since the commune was founded in 1971.

It is Copenhagen’s second most important tourist destination and one of Europe’s most famous squats, with cannabis on sale. The freetown has rules about other things, though, and over the years imposed strict bans on arms, hard drugs and insignia on leather jackets (to combat criminal biker gangs).

2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit Fears Green Christiania Squat Nearby

The Danish government will be cracking down on the Christiania squatter
camp despite its green credentials

Less than two weeks before the start of the UN’s climate summit in
Copenhagen, a counter-cultural enclave in the heart of the capital has
again been attracting the attention of the Danish authorities.


En dokumentarfilm af Nikolaj Viborg
Den 1. marts 2006 blev Ungdomshuset på Jagtvej 69 ryddet af politiet. Efterfølgende brød voldsomme uroligheder ud Københavns gader. Med en helt enestående adgang, følger filmen de unges kamp gennem de sidste seks måneder indefra. Gennem hovedpersonen Mads, får vi et unikt indblik i, hvad der gjorde Jagtvej 69 til noget helt specielt for en stor gruppe unge, og hvorfor det til sidst kunne gå så galt. Det er en film om ungdom, oprør og radikalisering. Og om en by, der måske levner mindre og mindre plads til de skæve og de utilpassede.