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Squatters In Clash With Police In Pavas

At least 38 people were detained, 17 of which were minors, and 10 injured yesterday in a clash between police and residents of Pavas in an action to remove some 150 families squatting on municipal property, in Rincon Grande de Pavas.

Armed with rocks and with precision aim, the squatters pelted the some 400 police officers sent to control the situation while municipal officials carried out the evictions.

Solution sought to squatting in Bagaces community

(Infocom) — A group of residents from Barrio La Esperanza in Pijije, Bagaces canton, visited the Agrarian Development Institute’s (IDA) headquarters to seek a solution to a claim of illegally occupied lands in their community.

A 2,000-hectare farm located in that Guanacaste community, which has been abandoned for the past 50 years, was invaded 13 years ago by approximately 500 families who now live and farm there. (mehr…)