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Squat Wars

Squat Wars is new short documentary. At twenty-seven minutes is devoted to the history of squatting in Prague (Czech Republic). More in detail in the memories of people / ek and archive material presented Milada Zenklovku and Ladronka.

Language:Czech Subtitle:English,Russian

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Czech squatters demonstrate outside Dutch embassy

Prague – A demonstration of solidarity with Dutch squatters who feel harmed by the latest Dutch legislation, organised by the Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation (CSAF) and Czech squatters, was held outside the Dutch embassy in Prague this afternoon.
The 30-minute demonstration was attended by some 20-30 people.

squat milada history

The story of villa Milada, one of the best known and longest existing czech squat, began 1st May 1998, when was squatted by group of people evicted from another building. Milada is situated in Holešovice district in Prague, north of the city center, near a river. On the place it stands was old villa quarter, which had to fall back on account of new colleges project planned in „communist“ regime. But from the college project are finally realized only three high-rised buildings. Milada also had to be demolished, but finally it was only deleted from the cadastre. Demolition never happened and since the time, Milada didn’t exist in documents. Squatters wanted to make an agreement with Institute for informations in education, the administrator of Milada and surrounding land, all the time, but despite this, unsuccesfull attempt to evict the squat followed soon. Eviction was unsuccesfull, also thanks to support of college students. In Milada took place concerts, annual Resistance feast (reminder of eviction attempt), Food Not Bombs cooking, projections….

Czech squatters sentenced to community work for occupying house

Prague – Czech squatters who occupied a house in the Prague Albertov neighbourhood at the weekend were today sentenced to two-month suspended prison punishments and community service.

The court has thus ended the proceedings against 23 people detained on Sunday. Two Germans and one Finnish woman were expelled from the Czech Republic for 18 months.
The court meted out nine two-month sentences suspended for 12 months and 13 sentences of 80-100 hour community service.
Judge Milan Rossi was deciding in closed simplified proceedings.
„Almost everyone cooperated and provided testimonies,“ Rossi told journalists today.
He meted out the sentences through a court order that can be appealed within eight days.

The house in Apolinarska Street evicted this morning

Today, at around 7 o‘clock (13th September 2009), the brand new squatted
space was evicted by police. Around 25 people, who were occupying the
house and sitting on the roof, were arrested. It was announced in the
mainstream media, that they might go to court on Monday, for a summary