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Squatters moved – again!

On March 30th the police department moved in on squatters who had settled alongside a newly opened road that will link Chetumal Street on the North Side of Belize City to Fabers Road on the Southside. At the time squatters had taken the opportunity to try to settle in the area after the access into the mangrove area was facilitated by the new road. Since that time police temporarily maintained a presence in the area to ensure that the squatters did not return. Simultaneous to the moving of the squatters was a census which was conducted in the area to determine who had been actually living in the area for a period of more than three years.

Cabinet declaration gives warnings to land squatters

The Government of Belize has issued a stern warning to people who occupy public or private lands without authority (squatting) and announced that it will take swift legal measures against squatters.
The warning is contained in a Cabinet paper which referred specifically to newly acquired lands at Mile 41.