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Eviction of the new squat in Vienna

On the 2nd of October we squatted the Triesterstrasse 114, an old school building in the south of Vienna to establish a houseproject: a space for self-organised, non-commercial projects and communal living. The initial concept was to have an action-week with programs and discussions there and force the city to talk to us (which they otherwise don‘t do). We got violently evicted today (12 of October) and therefore we call for solidarity actions!

Vienna. Haus Project’s action week has begun!

Vienna. Haus Project’s action week has begun!
114 Triesterstraße is mostly occupied, though the unprecedented presence of a theatre group initially hampered the entering of the premises we are here with their support and making use of the majority of the very large structure. The theatre group is not going to be back until Monday meaning Saturday’s program will go on as planned. The future of the occupation and the week remains uncertain but the kitchen is in action, close to 50 people are present and a host of activities from an open art exhibition to a bike workshop are planned.
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