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Riot police brutally break up Occupy Sydney housing protest squat

On the 8th November five occupy Sydney protestors were arrested. The arrests came after the riot police using police dogs and chainsaws forced their way into an unoccupied Sydney building Occupy Sydney had began to squat that day as a protest against unaffordable housing in Australia. A banner had been hung from the building declaring „Housing Crisis solved“. The arrests continue the brutal repression by the Sydney authoriites by any manifestation of peaceful protest by Occupy Sydney who have already been evicted forcefully twice from public parks in recent weeks. (mehr…)

Sydney squatters‘ rooftop protest over cost of housing

Police have arrested seven people after squatters stood on the rooftop of an empty Sydney college building to protest against their eviction.

The group said they were protesting on top of the empty St Michael’s College, owned by the Catholic Church, on City Road near Sydney University, to draw attention to the lack of affordable housing around the city.

The art of setting up home for diddly-squat

With more than 120,000 unoccupied homes in the city and a housing crisis, it’s no wonder squatting is thriving, writes Erik Jensen.
The best place was probably in Northbridge, living in the pylon of a suspension bridge overhanging Tunks Park. It lasted half-a-year before Ashwyn Falkingham
and his fellow squatters were thrown out.
‚‘That was a really beautiful place to live. I stayed six months under the bridge and cooked on a fire each night,'‘ says the 26-year-old student of renewable energy engineering.

Revealed: Sydney squatters become visible

Squatting in Sydney is now not just behind padlocked doors and busted windows: Groups are bringing the movement into the mainstream community.
Faced with ever-increasing rents and the terrifying notion of moving to the outer suburbs, many homeless people are still choosing to squat around inner city fringes.
The movement is far from its peak of decades ago when boarded-up squats were common along the now gentrified Glebe Point Road. What were once squats around Victoria Street, Potts Point, are now backpacker hostels.
Something else has surfaced — these “tenants” are becoming more visible and initiating inner city spaces as communal areas. Strands of anarchism and leftist politics still form their core.

Sydney Council to evict Redfern squatters

The City of Sydney council is set to evict eight students who are currently squatting an empty house in Redfern.
Carven Lee, who has been living in the house for about a month, said she received a letter from the council last week which gave them until November 23 to vacate the premises.