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To rent and protect

Where the law makes it difficult to evict squatters, one solution is a win-win for owners, tenants – and buildings

Vandals and squatters beware. The latest private sector initiative to protect buildings against illegal occupancy is gaining currency around the world. Individuals are recruited to become “property guardians”, to live in empty premises, including commercial and public buildings, and, by their presence, protect them. In return, they benefit from living in accommodation that is low cost or even free. The scheme is a helpful stopgap for a building owner waiting to sell or redevelop a property.

Multimillion Pound Squat

ME-oefening op Stationsplein

In het oude PTT-gebouw aan het Stationsplein in Eindhoven werd dinsdag een ontruimingsactie gesimuleerd, als oefening voor tachtig leden van de ME.
Police practice an eviction in Eindhoven at the old Post Office building

recuperer son bien squatte

dossier familial jan 2008