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Apex court: adverse possession law, a windfall to squatter

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has recommended to the government that it make suitable changes in the law of adverse possession, which gives a right to the occupier of land by force or otherwise to claim right, title and ownership of the property.

Supreme Court wants law to protect owners from squatters

NEW DELHI: This Supreme Court move will bring cheers to those who have lost their house or land to squatters. On Tuesday, the court said it wanted a change in the law that gives ownership rights to the one who has usurped a property by squatting by taking advantage of the fact that the owners were have had little time to inquire about their property.

Terming the ousting of real owners from their property by squatters as a serious human rights violation, a Bench comprising Justices Dalveer Bhandari and H S Bedi has requested the Centre to take a fresh look and suitably amend the land laws that recognise „adverse possession“ as a means to acquire title over a property by ousting the real owners.

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