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Contested places: Squatting and the construction of `the urban‘ in Swiss cities

This paper examines urban social movements through a case study directed toward housing and urban culture in Berne,
Switzerland. Urban movements set the stage for ways of understanding, interpreting, and challenging unspoken norms in
city life. Taking an actor-oriented perspective, I focus on subjective motivations in forming a collective movement and relate
these to a wider context of social change. The study is based on qualitative interviews with former squatters and participants
in the movement.


The Subversion of Politics

The Subversion of Politics: European Autonomous Social Movements and the Decolonization of Everyday Life by George Katsiaficas and available online –


squatting in europe

English version of Pruijt, H., 2004, “Okupar en Europa”, in: Miguel Martínez Lopez and Ramón Adell (eds) ¿Dónde están las llaves? El movimiento okupa: prácticas y contextos sociales, Madrid, La Catarata, 35-60