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Police arrest 70 in left-wing Berlin riots

Around 70 people were arrested and 30 police officers injured during riots in Berlin early on Sunday after several incidents blamed on left-wing activists escalated.

A former squat in the city’s southern Friedrichshain area, which was evicted this time last year, was attacked by a group of 100 people at around 00:30 on Sunday morning.

Squat lords rule

Death threats, an upsurge in violence and heated confrontation with thugs and squatters in the community of Bois Bande Village, Sangre Grande, over agricultural lands have lead to several farmers abandoning their productive acreages. Once a thriving agricultural district, Bois Bande has seen a drastic decline in its farming population as a result of the influx of squatters and undesirables who have been throwing up wooden and concrete structures for rental.

Government officers squatting

Construction of the 2-hundred million kwacha Community Development offices in Serenje District in central Province has advanced.

This came to light when Community Development and Child Health Minister Dr. Joseph Katema inspected the construction works.

The officers have been squatting at a near by school for sometime.

And Dr Katema has called on the officers to ensure that they implement Government projects at community level effectively if poverty is to be eradicated.

Earlier Serenje District Agriculture coordinator Kennedy Mulenga bemoaned the high poverty levels in the area.
Ends. Znbc 15 14 29.01.2012

Mayors urged to create anti-squatting group

CITY and municipal mayors were recently urged by Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jesse Robredo to create committees to combat squatting at the local level.

This is to intensify the campaign against illegal activities of professional squatters by asking local chief executives to form local committees against squatting syndicates and professional squatters (LCASSPS) in their respective localities.

Cairo residents squat on land near Jewish cemetery

Over 900 families residing in the Bassatine district in Cairo, close to the Jewish cemetery, have seized some 45,000 square meters of land, surrounded it with bricks and naming it the 25 January district.

They are seeking the help of the government to provide them with the necessary infrastructure to develop a livable neighborhood on the land.

“The place has been abandoned for many years, whereas we have no proper houses to live in,” said 27-year-old Mohamed. “So we are squatting on it.”

“My friend and I are planning to open a cafe in the area,” said Reda Dahy.