Three Arrested in Mansfield Squatter Crackdown

Three more people were arrested as Mansfield cracks down on people using the state’s adverse possession law, commonly known as „squatter’s rights.“

The obscure law allows residents to claim property through the courts if no owner is on hand to challenge the claim.

Tarrant County Constable Clint Burgess says Selena K. Brown, her husband Andre L. Brown and her mother Sandra S. LaTour moved into an empty home in the 2300 block of Hillgrove Court two months ago.

Burgess says Selena Brown filed an adverse possession affidavit. However, the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office has denied the validity of many adverse possession affidavits.

Burgess says the trio left the home after Sandra LaTour’s son was arrested Tuesday for burglarizing another Mansfield home using „squatter’s rights.“

On Saturday, officers were at the Hillgrove Court home to serve a warrant, when all three returned to get their belongings, that’s when officers arrested them, according to Burgess.

Sandra LaTour also filed an adverse possession on a home in the 1700 block of Clover Hill in Mansfield, according to Tarrant County officials.

Burgess says Sandra LaTour claims to be in a relationship with Ken Robinson. In June, Robinson used adverse possession to move into a $340,000 home in Flower Mound for $15.

According to constables, Sandra LaTour has a website that links to Robinson’s website, and the two sell books on how to take homes for minimal cost.

Tarrant County Constable Precinct 7 has been working with Arlington and Mansfield Police to investigate squatters using adverse possession to occupy homes.

As of Saturday, Burgess reports five squatters in Mansfield and two in Arlington have been arrested and that all squatters have been removed from the City of Mansfield.