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Palace warns squatters not to return to devastated Isla de Oro

MANILA – Malacañang has warned local officials in Cagayan de Oro not to allow residents of Isla de Oro to return to the slum area that was devastated by the flash floods caused by tropical storm Sendong.

“The President gave very explicit instructions to the local government unit and to the Philippine National Police not to allow the residents to return. We have already seen what happened,” deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said.

Isla de Oro is a sandbar in the middle of the river that was turned into a squatter’s colony; many of the victims of the flash floods in Cagayan de Oro lived there.

Brighton squatters face eviction

Squatters say a decision to evict them from a council house earmarked for development could leave them on the streets for Christmas.

About 25 people have been staying at Ainsworth House in Wellington Road, Brighton, for about a month.

Occupying housing from the Pope Squat to Occupy Toronto

It was a sweltering afternoon in late July 2002 when the armoured vehicles of the Toronto Police Emergency Task Force pulled up in front of our building. Quickly we started barricading the door with an old desk, if they were coming to kick us out we weren‘t going to make it easy for them. We waited tensely as the cops approached the door with submachine guns drawn. Our crime? We dared to take over an abandoned building in the middle of a housing crisis. We all survived that early raid and were eventually allowed back into the building where we lived for the next three months — dubbing it the „Pope Squat“ as we occupied it during the pontiff’s visit to Toronto.

Squatters say foreclosed homes beat homeless shelters

Reporting from New York — Slips of paper are pasted to the broken door of the corner row house, violations for the garbage piled near the front steps. The stench of trash wafts up the dark interior stairway, where an ashtray filled with cigarette butts sits like an abandoned potted plant on the second-floor landing.

Nobody lives here, at least not officially.

Occupy squatters evicted

Seattle – Friday afternoon police were called to a home in the Central District where a number of Occupy protesters were squatting.

Seattle police detective Jeff Kappel said the home, located at 1909 Spruce St., was undergoing renovations and no one was living in the house. Witnesses who contacted police knew the people entering the home did not live there, so they contacted police. Many of the people fled from the home before police arrived.