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Riot police brutally break up Occupy Sydney housing protest squat

On the 8th November five occupy Sydney protestors were arrested. The arrests came after the riot police using police dogs and chainsaws forced their way into an unoccupied Sydney building Occupy Sydney had began to squat that day as a protest against unaffordable housing in Australia. A banner had been hung from the building declaring „Housing Crisis solved“. The arrests continue the brutal repression by the Sydney authoriites by any manifestation of peaceful protest by Occupy Sydney who have already been evicted forcefully twice from public parks in recent weeks. (mehr…)

The Office – Squatters’ base for exhibition

SQUATTERS moved into smart new premises next door to the National Youth Theatre in Holloway this week, thanks to an agreement with a developer.

But they will not be living in the premises – it is to be the venue for their exhibition on the history of squatting.

The group ended their two-week occupation of a former Islington Council building in nearby Tufnell Park Road after the developer offered the spacious 150-foot, open-plan office in Holloway Road, next to the theatre school’s rehearsal space.

The squatters have been given a six-week, peppercorn lease on the building for £1, with possible options to extend their stay. The squatters are due to stage their exhibition at the office from Tuesday as part of a campaign against government plans to criminalise the movement.

Squatter caretaker Pete Phoenix said: “It shows what you can achieve when you talk to developers.

“We are unable to live at the premises, however, so we have moved in with other squatters or are living with friends.”

Slough squatting victim backs law change

A woman whose dead mother’s home was taken over by squatters says moves to criminalise the act cannot come soon enough.

The house in Slough, Berkshire, was left to Joy McCabe, her brother and sister when their mother died but stood empty for two years when it failed to sell.

During this period four squatters moved and claimed they were legitimately renting the property from a third party, through a website.

Thousands Left Homeless After Kyang’ombe Demolition

Kyang’ombe slum which is situated around the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport has been demolished. According to JKIA officials, the slum sits in the direct flight path, which poses a great risk to the safety of planes as well as endangering the lives of the slum dwellers.

Muungano Wa Wanavijiji and local residents believe that there is more that meets the eye. The residents were being evicted because private developers with powerful political connections have acquired the land illegally.

Anti-squatting Bill ‚an insult to democracy‘

Housing campaigners accused the government of „totally disregarding democracy“ today as MPs rushed through a Bill to jail squatters.

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke tacked on an amendment to the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill just last week that sparked an outcry from charities and activists who were still waiting for the government’s consultation report.

The change in the law, which MPs were debating as the Morning Star went to press, threatens homeless people squatting in residential buildings with fines of up to £5,000 and a year in jail.