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Plans to criminalise squatting in residential buildings

Amendments to the Legal Aid Bill announced by Kenneth Clarke (Minister of “Justice”) would make it a criminal offence to squat in residential buildings.

The response to the consultation on squatting came out today and of the 2,200 respondents, more than 2,100 were in favour of NOT criminalising squatting. Showing yet again that the 1% do not give a shit about the 99% (or, ok in this case, to use the real figures, it’s the 4% versus 96%), the Government is simply going to push through the law anyway.

Squatting on Wall Street

There is a must-see YouTube of an Occupy Wall Street event in Atlanta, where a facilitator with a bullhorn leads „protesters“ through a weird „consensus“ vote to bar civil-rights icon Rep. John Lewis from speaking. A writer at summed up the scene and I‘d say the entire OWS movement: „Imagine some combination of Model U.N., Lord of the Flies and a Phish concert.“

Druk op bouwplan Vrijplaats

Leiden – Het Leidse vastgoedbedrijf Atrium van architect Hans Bakker moet
vaart maken met de bouw van appartementen in de door hem gekochte
voormalige Vrijplaats Koppenhinksteeg. Zo niet, dan treedt een
boeteclausule in werking van 25.000 euro per maand. Dat heeft
bouwwethouder Pieter van Woensel (VVD) de raadscommissie Ruimte laten
weten, die naar de voortgang informeerde.

Public meeting announced to defend Grow Heathrow

Defend Grow Heathrow
>Public Meeting
>Wednesday 9thNovember 2011
>7pm at Sipson Community Centre, Sipson Way

OK Cafe social centre returns again in Manchester

Manchester’s OKasional cafe has returned. The temporary squatted social centre project has occupied a disused old people’s home in Fallowfield, South Manchester. For three weeks the space will provide vegan lunch, dinner, workshops, events, gigs, parties, a library and more.