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Tattoo artist squats on presidential website

When internet users click on that site it is not the French president whose image appears, but a black and white image of a woman and the title „un combat, une vie, 15 ans“ (a battle, a life, 15 years).

The site is being „cyber-squatted“ by Corinne Dubosque, the owner of a tattoo parlour in Pontault-Combault, a town to the east of Paris, reported Le Parisien.

UK government considers ban on squatting

Like many young Londoners, 25-year-old Rueben Taylor shares a house in a neighborhood that’s part scruffy, part smart. Unlike many others, she doesn‘t pay a penny in rent — and that puts her at the center of an escalating battle pitting the rights of property owners against the needs of tenants squeezed out of Britain’s shrinking stock of affordable homes.

Taylor is a squatter, who lives with four others in a brick and stucco 19th-century row house on a street of 600,000 pound ($950,000) homes. The owner is unhappy about the unwanted guests, but they are not committing a crime — something that could change if the British government has its way.

Squatting to be made criminal offence following MPs‘ campaign

SQUATTING in residential properties is to be made a criminal offence following a campaign lead by Finchley and Golders Green MP Mike Freer.

The Government has announced squatting in residential properties will be changed from a civil offence to a criminal offence in the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill which is currently going through Parliament.

Labour signals support for crackdown on squatters

Labour will support government moves to outlaw squatting despite concerns that changes to trespass laws could leave thousands of homeless people facing year-long prison sentences and fines of up to £5,000, the Guardian has learned.

Sources working for the shadow justice minister said they did not think there was any possibility that the new law would affect sit-ins and occupation protests as previously feared, and they would support the change to show their support for homeowners.


To most people, the notion of taking over someone’s home and refusing to leave is bizarre and should not be allowed.

Like squatting, the protest camp that has surrounded St Paul’s Cathedral and forced it to close for the first time since The Blitz is wrong and should be illegal. Just as squatters are mostly organised and frequently menacing, the campers outside St Paul’s have ­abandoned any legitimate cause.