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Squatting Investigation

In 2010 the newly elected Conservative MP for Hove – Mike Weatherley – began a campaign to criminalise squatting after several high profiles incidences in Brighton and Hove.

Misrepresenting the law on squatting

Today, an open letter from 158 lawyers and academics has been published in The Guardian claiming that the law on squatting, on which the Government has proposed reforms, has been misrepresented by politicians and the media.

Google Street View snaps naked squatter in Liberty City

MIAMI — Google has preserved the humility of a woman photographed naked on a Liberty City front porch as a Google Street View vehicle drove by.

The images came to light last week and after word began to spread, the image was pixelated by Google employees.

A second image of the woman appears to show her seeing the Street View vehicle after it drove past.

According to the Miami Herald, a property caretaker who stays rent-free in a neighboring house says the woman is a squatter who was apparently bathing herself in front of the hurricane-shuttered home.

Squatters could be good for us all, says judge in empty homes ruling

With police backing, Camden Council argued that disclosing the list risked unleashing a wave of criminal damage, arson, drug-related crime and organised “stripping” of vacant properties.

But Judge Fiona Henderson emphasised that squatters were not law-breakers and said official concerns were outweighed by the “public interest in putting empty properties back into use”.

Sydney squatters‘ rooftop protest over cost of housing

Police have arrested seven people after squatters stood on the rooftop of an empty Sydney college building to protest against their eviction.

The group said they were protesting on top of the empty St Michael’s College, owned by the Catholic Church, on City Road near Sydney University, to draw attention to the lack of affordable housing around the city.