Jobcentre’s just the job for south London squatters: Empty office is taken over by group to set up ’social centre‘

Fifty squatters have occupied a disused jobcentre and plan to turn it into a „social centre and public space“.

The Jobcentre Plus building in Deptford High Street closed last November and was to be demolished and redeveloped.

The squatters wrote on their website that the takeover was „a response to the brutal cuts to public services at both a local and national level“.

They added: „We aim to clean the place up and convert it. This is a self-organised space, run by people from a variety of backgrounds and we are not in any political parties.“

One of the members of the group, Kirstie Paton from New Cross, said: „As a mother, as a teacher and as a socialist I think it is really important that we claim our lives back and one of the ways to do that is to take over places that have been abandoned and claim them for ourselves.“

In Wimbledon a group of migrant workers mostly from Eastern Europe are squatting in a disused council building – delaying plans to turn it into new classrooms.

They pulled up in a lorry outside the office block next to St Mary’s Catholic Primary School before unloading beds, mattresses, sofas, chairs, a television and even a washing machine and bath.

Members of the group say they would „never dream“ of occupying a disused building in their own countries, where squatting is illegal. Parents and staff at St Mary’s fear their presence could threaten plans to convert it into two new classrooms.

Headteacher Sarah Crouch said the squatters had given the school „another hurdle to jump“.

She said: „It would be hugely problematic if we are not able to move into the building, and would have a real knock-on effect for parents and teachers.“ Parent Katie McCormack, 38, said: „It’s a real headache. It has caused delays and disruption, and there’s also the worry of not knowing how long it will before they leave.“

Merton council obtained a court order on Thursday giving the squatters until Friday evening to leave, but while some moved to another building nearby, others defied the order.

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