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Amsterdam clears squatters from buildings, but court ruling puts wider squatting ban in doubt

Amsterdam clears squatters from buildings, but court ruling puts wider squatting ban in doubt
By Toby Sterling (CP) – Nov 9, 2010
AMSTERDAM — Police in Amsterdam reclaimed several squatted buildings on behalf of their legal owners Tuesday but cancelled a wave of other evictions after a court ruling questioned the validity of a law criminalizing squatting.
Around 40 squatters — including several in clown costumes — protested outside one of the buildings on Tuesday. Police said they detained four people for throwing paint or stones.

Squatters‘ rights – and wrongs

As the Housing Minister pledges to shut the door on the „anti-social, undesirable and unfair“ practise forever, a fierce debate still rages between property owners and their uninvited house guests

Sydney Council to evict Redfern squatters

The City of Sydney council is set to evict eight students who are currently squatting an empty house in Redfern.
Carven Lee, who has been living in the house for about a month, said she received a letter from the council last week which gave them until November 23 to vacate the premises.

Eviction Notices Not Enforced Against Hebron’s Squatter Settlers

This week saw Palestinian shopkeepers from Hebron petition the High Court of Israel to honour an eviction notice given to settlers over two and a half years ago. In 2001 settlers moved illegally into part of Hebron market, which remains under the control of Israel’s Civil Administration. Today a number of settler families are squatting there, a presence which has severely reduced the numbers of Palestinian visitors and damaged the local economy.

Minister ‚totally‘ disagrees with court squatter ruling, awaits details

Justice minister Fred Teeven is considering what action to take after the appeal court in The Hague said the new anti-squatting law breaks European human rights agreements.

The court ruled that squatters who are faced with eviction must be allowed to take the matter to court, but Dutch law does not include this right.

Teeven is quoted by Nos tv as saying he ‚totally‘ disagrees with the court but is first waiting to read its written findings.

A number of evictions have been cancelled following the ruling. The anti-squatting law came into effect on October 1.