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1 and 2 October 2010 Police brutality and Riot in Amsterdam and Nijmegen (Colors)

Nijmegers over Kraken

Opposition to kraakverbod

So squatting gets banned on October 1 in the Netherlands. What this means in practice is an interesting question…

In any case, squatting will continue, as shown by the ongoing days of action.

Violent protests after Dutch outlaw squatting

AMSTERDAM (AP) — More than 100 people protesting the outlawing of squatting at unused buildings in the Netherlands clashed with police in Amsterdam’s historic center, throwing stones, setting fires and erecting barricades.
Squatting is the latest pillar of the country’s liberal institutions — such as legal prostitution and cafes that openly sell marijuana — to be abolished or curtailed as the Dutch become more conservative and rethink the boundaries of their famed tolerance.