Anti-Government Sovereign Citizens Taking Foreclosed Homes Using Phony Deeds, Authorities Say

Authorities in Georgia are joining forces to hunt down a burgeoning group of squatters who use anti-government ideology to commandeer bank-owned upscale homes with phony deeds and bogus paperwork.

Kirkland, Wash., police arrested the woman who claimed she owned the home.
Many are operating as so-called sovereign citizens — radical-right conservatives who believe that they are exempt from government requirement such as taxes and driver’s licenses.

Officials in DeKalb County have arrested five people they described as sovereign citizens, alleging they moved into foreclosed homes and filed phony quit-claim deeds in court, then posted them in the properties‘ windows as „proof“ of their ownership. They are on the hunt for two more.

DeKalb Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney John Melvin said he believes the seven they‘ve identified are connected with 17 seized properties across the state that were worth about $10 million. One property, he said, was a strip mall where the suspects charged rent.

„It’s amazing that these groups of citizens who like to proclaim they‘re Robin Hood only choose million-dollar homes,“ he said. „Shocking.“