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Zimbabwe police torch squatter camp

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AFP) — Human rights groups yesterday accused Zimbabwean police of setting fire to an informal settlement in Harare, forcing some 250 people from their homes.
Amnesty International said police, some armed and accompanied by dogs, raided the settlement in the Gunhill suburb shortly after midnight Wednesday, giving residents 10 minutes to leave their homes before setting the squatter camp alight.
„The brutality with which this forced eviction was carried out is alarming,“ Michelle Kagari, Amnesty’s deputy Africa director, said in a statement.
„Driving people forcefully from their homes in the middle of the night cannot be justified in any circumstance.“
The group said many of the settlement’s residents were victims of Operation Murambatsvina (Drive Out Filth), a 2005 eviction blitz that left 700,000 people homeless as President Robert Mugabe’s government bulldozed shacks and vendor stands in what it described as an urban clean-up.
Zimbabwean Lawyers for Human Rights said police had evicted the residents without arranging other housing and compared the campaign to the mass evictions five years ago.
„The question is why would they (police) do it around 2:00 to 3:00 am? Because they have not learnt from their mistakes as they have destroyed this camp without first building alternative accommodation for those affected,“ spokesman Kumbirai Mafunda told AFP.
„This appears like Operation Murambatsvina Two.“
Amnesty International said the residents had returned to the Gunhill area and were living there without shelter.
A police spokesman denied involvement in the eviction, saying the informal settlement was a city council issue.

Grow Heathrow! Resisting the eviction

Grow Heathrow! Almost half a year after launching, a successful grassroots campaign resisting the expansion of Heathrow airport while demonstrating sustainable living on derelict land, is facing an eviction threat. Read on to hear about the exciting campaign and how you can help keep the projects going…

On the first day of March this year a group of 30 people gathered outside a neglected plot of land on the site of the proposed 3rd runway in the Heathrow village of Sipson.

Brito dies waiting for an aswer from President Chávez

His wife said that doctors advised her about the death but gave no further details about the reasons for his death. Doctors unsuccessfully tried to resuscitate him. The grower went on hunger strike to protest against squatting and seizure of his lands located in southern Bolívar state

Anti-Government Sovereign Citizens Taking Foreclosed Homes Using Phony Deeds, Authorities Say

Authorities in Georgia are joining forces to hunt down a burgeoning group of squatters who use anti-government ideology to commandeer bank-owned upscale homes with phony deeds and bogus paperwork.