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[A*dam] Stedelijk overleg kraken – City wide Meeting

(English Below)
Stedelijk Overleg Kraken Amsterdam
Woensdag 14 juli, 19.00 tot 22.00, De Plantage Doklaan 8 – 12

Vanwege beperkte tijd (slechts tot 22.00 uur) vragen we je op tijd te zijn!


Barcelona: Notes on the european squat meeting (17-20 june 2010)

People participating to the discussions were more than one hundred, all the discussions happened in the Laforsa squatted social centre (41 av. de la Fama, in Cornellà de Llobregat, suburbs of Barcelona). This old factory is squatted for a year now, but it’s quite famous because it has been occupied during several months by its own workers in the late seventies, becoming a symbol of the workers autonomous class struggle.
The discussions were happening in the huge Laforsa’s first floor (with plugged simultaneous translations in spanish, english, french and italian) and food was served twice a day in the second floor.

500 squatter homes demolished at Bataan park

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO—The Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the police have demolished at least 500 illegally built houses inside a 700-hectare protected park in Bataan since Monday, nearly clearing it of squatters supposedly led by a retired Army sergeant and a former paramilitary aide.

Ricardo Calderon, regional executive director of the DENR in Central Luzon, said another 70 shanties are due for demolition at the Roosevelt Protected Landscape (RPLS).


Squatter to vacate butter factory

A LONG-TERM tenant of a soon-to-be-sold historic butter factory has agreed to move out of the property.

The man, who took offence to being called a squatter, has lived at the property for at least the past two decades and accumulated tonnes of junk.

But the factory’s owner, who has put the iconic building on the market, is doubtful the man he calls a “squatter” will move and take all of his belongings with him.


Switzerland: Short film on Zurich’s Autonomous School

On 19 April, a barrack on a plot belonging to the freight depot of Zurich’s railway station was squatted and revived. The barrack has been empty for more than a year. The Canton of Zurich plans to build a new police and justice center for 570 million Swiss francs (US$ 500 million) on the plot.