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Barcelona: European squat meeting, from june 17th to 20th 2010

Under the motto of „Present, Past and… Future??? of Squatting in Europe“, some squat collectives of Barcelona organize a meeting the 17, 18, 19, and 20 of june to debate about historical, political and legal aspects of this movement in a european perspective.
So this is a calling to all collectives, projects or houses across Europe who are interested in participate to come and give an own view of your experience and situation in your city or country. In the development of the meeting, simultaneous translation equipment will be provided to everyone.

The meeting will be held in the „CSO La Forsa“ (Avenida de la Fama 41, Cornella de Llobregat – Barcelona)

Bristol Ecovillage is Born – a Urban Center for Alternative Technology

Evicted squatter sets up camp on pavement in The Mounts

STUNNED residents in Alcombe Road in Northampton awoke to find they had a new neighbour after a squatter who was evicted from a nearby street set up camp on their pavement.
The tent appeared at the Overstone Road end of Alcombe Road in The Mounts at around 4pm on Tuesday. Its occupier, Wayne Edge, aged 45, was previously living in a property in Dunster Street.

Car lover obsessed with TVR squatted in neighbour’s house

John Radcliffe, 28, had first pushed handwritten notes through the householder’s letter box offering to buy the vehicle, a Crown Court heard.
But when the letters remained unanswered, Radcliffe, discovered that the owner, John Cook, had gone away for a spell, leaving the property unoccupied.