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B.C. Court upholds homeless right to squat in public parks

VICTORIA — Homeless people’s right to set up temporary shelters in public parks was upheld by the British Columbia Court of Appeal on Wednesday, in a precedent-setting decision that could still face a challenge in the Supreme Court of Canada.

The decision upholds an October 2005 ruling that struck down the City of Victoria’s bylaw that prohibited squatting in public parks.

Lawyer Irene Faulkner, who with her law partner Catherine Boies Parker won the October 2008 case, applauded the court’s decision, released Wednesday.

St. Petersburg (Russia): Black Hole squat evicted

“Black hole” was a living squat, five rooms in a big 4 store building. It was squatted in April and evicted in end of November. 6-7 anarchists were living in the squat together with Kostya, a migrant worker from Belarus who originally lived there on his own but then together with anarchists.
There were constant problems with electricity, which was taken from neighbours but constantly cut off. Eventually most of the people had to leave squat in November because of this. Eventually police came with city workers in end of November, they broked door to the street and blocked it with bricks. There was only one person in the squat, who had to escape in order not to get arrested. Cops and workers stole some of the property.

Krakersprotest Coolsingel

Fire in squatter area claims 3 lives

SEMPORNA: The bodies of three children, believed to be brothers and sisters, were found in one of 60 houses razed by fire in the Kampung Air Tengah squatter area on Tuesday evening.

Two of the bodies were that of a 3-year-old girl and her 2-year-old brother. The third is that of an elder child but the authorities are unsure if it is their 8-year-old brother or 7-year-old sister.

5 die as Maoists, cops clash

KATHMANDU – ONE police officer and four activists were killed Friday in a clash between police and Maoists in western Nepal, a government official said.

The clash came after police tried to evict thousands of activists who were squatting on government-owned land in the remote Kailali region.