Squatters facing eviction

THE HOMELESS teenage squatters who took over part of a multi-million pound homes complex in Totnes, claim they are facing eviction within the next 48 hours.

The youngsters, whose average age is just 18 years and one of whom is just 16 years, say they have nowhere to go once they are thrown out of the Redworth Court complex.

Yesterday they went to the county court in Torquay in a bid to get a stay of execution, claimed 20-year-old Jack Delaney, who has been squatting in the building on the corner of Station Road and the Western By-pass for less than three weeks.

„None of us have anywhere else to live. There are five of us here and the average age is around 18 years,“ he said.

„The judge was quite sympathetic, but he said there was nothing he could do. He said he had to give access to the bailiffs.“

The London bank which has effectively had control over the derelict complex for the last two years is aware of the county court action to get rid of the squatters, even though the action was taken by the Bristol-based Law of Property Act receivers which are managing the complex.

The United Trust Bank has had a ‚charge‘ over the four houses and three flats since developer and ocean adventurer Simon Chalk went bust owing the bank money.

Over the last two years the buildings have stayed empty. Earlier this year South Hams Council and a local housing association tried to negotiate a £1.25million deal with the bank to buy the homes for social housing but negotiations broke down.

A spokesman for the London bank said the question of the eviction order would have been ‚mentioned‘ and said they wanted the homes in a state where they could be sold.

„There are various works which are required. We are reviewing the cost options. We have got to get them completed and in a saleable state.“

Jack said all the squatters were quite willing to leave, they just wanted more time to try to find somewhere else to go.

He said they were trying to get help from South Hams Council.