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Christmas in Rashoop for illegal squatters

The approximately 20 families who illegally occupied a piece of state-owned property in Rashoop at the end of October will be spending Christmas there after the application for an eviction order by the Local Municipality of Madibeng was postponed to 29 January 2010 in the North Gauteng High Court last week. The court ordered that no further structures are allowed to be erected on the site in the meantime.
Four hundred families were evicted from Block H in Lethlabile and approximately a week later some of these families star-ted erecting shacks on the property in Rashoop, which is currently on a long term lease to the Brits Flying Club and owned by the Department of Public works.

Foreclosures bring squatters, evictions to community in South Jamaica

Last spring, Pamela Chappell saw a man sweeping the stoop next door at 114-02 Inwood St. in South Jamaica. At first she thought, „That’s nice, somebody bought the foreclosed house and moved in.“

Then came reality.

„I find out it’s a squatter,“ she said.

Squatters facing eviction

THE HOMELESS teenage squatters who took over part of a multi-million pound homes complex in Totnes, claim they are facing eviction within the next 48 hours.

The youngsters, whose average age is just 18 years and one of whom is just 16 years, say they have nowhere to go once they are thrown out of the Redworth Court complex.


Squatters on the Square

MEET the four new teenagers who are about to tear up Albert Square.
The foursome will crash into EastEnders in January – and get their own online spin-off, E20.

They move to Walford to get away from their families and cause trouble by squatting in a house.

2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit Fears Green Christiania Squat Nearby

The Danish government will be cracking down on the Christiania squatter
camp despite its green credentials

Less than two weeks before the start of the UN’s climate summit in
Copenhagen, a counter-cultural enclave in the heart of the capital has
again been attracting the attention of the Danish authorities.