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Evicted “squatters” to be dealt with “sympathetically”

VICTIMS of a Crown land swindle which has left hordes of families facing eviction will be dealt with “sympathetically” and not merely “yanked out” of their homes.

That’s the official word from the Governor despite a new zero tolerance policy on “squatters” as a major crackdown on Crown land abuse gathers momentum.

Speaking to the Weekly News, Gordon Wetherell said “vulnerable people” who had been “exploited” would be given adequate notice to vacate or found alternative accommodation.

10 years, P30 B needed for relocation of 0.5 M squatters

MANILA – It will take 10 years and a budget of at least P30 billion to relocate the more than half a million squatter families including those living in so-called danger areas in the metropolis, the Metro Manila Inter-Agency Committee on Informal Settlers (MMIAC) said.

Based on the MMIAC report, which was included in the compliance report submitted by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to the Supreme Court in line with its directive to cleanup the Manila Bay, about 21 percent or 544,609 of the 2.6 million households in Metro Manila are living in informal settlements.]

dutch squat solidarity

Last Thursday the Dutch parliament has passed a new law making squatting
a felony. Only the senate still has to vote on it’s passing now.
However, with a rightwing majority, odds are effectively january 1st all
squats in the Netherlands will be up for eviction. This will mark the
end of an era, a carte blanche for the destruction of our social centers
and infrastructure. Not to mention the criminalisation of thousands of
people suffering from the housing shortage, for whom squatting has
always been a legal means of acquiring a roof over their heads.
An occupation of parliament square during the voting ended with riot
cops charging into the tent camp and arresting about one hundred people.
Photo’s can be seen on
(during the day) and (the
Saturday, october 24th a demonstration is planned in Utrecht, followed
by decentralised action days from october 30th till november 1st.
We call upon your solidarity, be it at the demonstration or at the many
Dutch embassies and consulates. Show them we are everywhere, be
creative, show your dissent!

for sleeping places during the demonstration and action days, mail

Kraak verbod is er door!

Vandaag heeft de 2ekamer gestemt over het kraakverbod. Deze is er door en nu moet de 1e kamer stemmen.

ramparts evicted, london

rampART Social Centre was evicted at 5:30am this morning by 45 police,
bailiffs and a priest.