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Czech squatters sentenced to community work for occupying house

Prague – Czech squatters who occupied a house in the Prague Albertov neighbourhood at the weekend were today sentenced to two-month suspended prison punishments and community service.

The court has thus ended the proceedings against 23 people detained on Sunday. Two Germans and one Finnish woman were expelled from the Czech Republic for 18 months.
The court meted out nine two-month sentences suspended for 12 months and 13 sentences of 80-100 hour community service.
Judge Milan Rossi was deciding in closed simplified proceedings.
„Almost everyone cooperated and provided testimonies,“ Rossi told journalists today.
He meted out the sentences through a court order that can be appealed within eight days.

oh, those dirty squatters….

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly now argues that the 50,000 people living in Sodom and Gomorrah, as the Ghanaian capital’s most notorious squatter community is called, are stalling an environmental project that will clean the waters of Accra’s lagoon. Peacefm quotes AMA Chief Executive Dr. Alfred Vanderpuiye: „We are pumping money [into this project] and then we’ve another gateway pumping rubbish and feces [back] into the lagoon. Much resources have been wasted…even our donor partners are accusing us of high level of irresponsibility…That is the main reason why the project has stalled. They are putting up structures, buildings and expanding into the lagoon.“

The house in Apolinarska Street evicted this morning

Today, at around 7 o‘clock (13th September 2009), the brand new squatted
space was evicted by police. Around 25 people, who were occupying the
house and sitting on the roof, were arrested. It was announced in the
mainstream media, that they might go to court on Monday, for a summary

Squatting blamed for recent flooding

Squatting is one of the major contributors to this country’s flooding problems, says Minister of Housing, Planning and the Environment, Emily Gaynor Dick-Forde.

Speaking during a distribution ceremony where 16 families received keys to houses built by the state-funded Housing Development Corporation (HDC) , the Minister said the country’s recent issues with flooding illustrates the importance of citizens practicing discipline in relation to land use and clearing forestry. She said squatting communities where there are no proper drainage facilities adversely affect the country’s water table and the drainage capacity in the areas near the communities.

Greek immigration crisis spawns shanty towns and squats

Tens of thousands of migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East attempt to cross by boat to Greece’s Aegean islands each year, with many ending up in squalid camps.
Humanitarian groups have condemned the situation as „shocking“.