Nudist camp ’squatter‘ ordered out

All David Weber wanted was for a judge to know the naked truth.
A Hamilton County judge last week decided he knew that truth, declaring Weber a nudist camp squatter and ordering his eviction.
That is the most recent development in a Hamilton County lawsuit pitting one of the founders of Paradise Gardens – a Colerain Township campground for nudists – against the rest of the group’s owners.

Weber filed suit in 2008 against the nudist campground he helped found more than 20 years ago after the other owners served him with an eviction notice in 2007. For more than two years after that notice, though, the remaining owners – who also are members of the campground’s board – watched in frustration as Weber refused to leave, accused them of misdeeds and fought all their attempts to end his association with the resort.

„He just decided one day he liked it and didn‘t want to leave, so he took the wheels off his RV and built a little porch around it,“ Paradise Gardens‘ attorney, Joseph Krause, said.

„The problem with that is that is not how these campgrounds work. No one’s allowed to live there year-round. That’s Ohio law.“

In a hearing last week, Common Pleas Judge William Mallory ordered Weber to get out – and take his trailer with him – no later than the end of June.

Weber couldn‘t be reached for this story and his attorney didn‘t return calls.

But court documents filed in the case show Weber’s eviction is just part of the overall fight between the two sides. His suit asks the judge to prevent the other shareholders from booting him from the camp for good.

„Weber’s been banned from the premises for (doing) all sorts of crazy (things),“ Krause said.

Weber was one of the original owners when each of the 10 shares originally sold for $3,500 to buy the 35-acre campground.

It is designed and was set up to allow campers to spend time – weekends or a summer at most – in a hilltop site that gives the nudists the privacy and seclusion they need. The camp has lots for trailers and recreational vehicles, a clubhouse, playgrounds, a lake and other amenities. In addition to the original owners, the camp also allows members, for a fee, to join and participate in their lifestyle.