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The squatter index

The recent revelation by Dr Horace Chang, Minister of Water and Housing, that one-third of the people in Jamaica are squatters, is no trivial matter. In fact, after 47 years of political independence, it is a national tragedy. And if we cannot see the connection between the level of violence in our society and squatting, then the tragedy is even more profound.

France to close squatter camp for migrants

CALAIS, France (AFP) – France aims to shut down by the end of the year a squatter camp in the Channel port of Calais used by migrants heading for Britain, Immigration Minister Eric Besson said Thursday.
The minister unveiled a six-point plan to help hundreds of migrants who have set up shelters in an area known as „the jungle“ from where they try to sneak onto trucks that cross the Channel by ferry or train.
„We will take the time necessary to prepare the dismantlement of the camp but the jungle must be gone before the end of the year,“ Besson told a news conference in the town.

‘Gay man victim of attack by trio’

A gay squatter was subjected to an attack by an ex-lover, an X-Factor auditionee and another man in a town centre flat, a court heard yesterday.
Keiran Dulai was left cowering in the foetal position after being whipped with a curtain rail, hit with a TV set, computer and DVD player when the three acquaintances broke into the Alliance & Leicester-owned flat where he was living in Broad Street.
The trio are also alleged to have smashed windows, destroyed CDs and DVDs belonging to Mr Dulai while racially abusing him and subjecting him to homophobic insults.

Kraker slaapt in lege Aldi-winkel

DEN BOSCH – Beetje jammer dat er geen douche is. Maar verder hoor je Jordy
(‚Geen achternaam in de krant‘) niet klagen over het pand in de
Zuiderpassage dat hij sinds zaterdag kraakt. Zijn bed staat in het pand
waar tot augustus 2007 een Aldi-filiaal was gevestigd. Met een beetje
fantasie kun je winkeltje spelen in het 300 vierkante meter grote gebouw.

Krakers willen cultuurhuis

MAASTRICHT – Bewoners van het gekraakte Landbouwbelang in Maastricht
hebben in het stadhuis gistermiddag een alternatief plan aangeboden om de
culturele vrijplaats naar de Timmerfabriek over te hevelen.
Volgens de bewoners kunnen zij de Timmerfabriek voor 400.000 euro geschikt
maken voor activiteiten.