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The G20 Convergence Space Has Been Occupied!!

London, UK – The convergence (and crash) space for all anti-G20 action has been reclaimed and is almost ready for the summer of Rage!
The occupiers haven‘t got the lecky on yet, but they‘re safely barricaded deep inside.
Location- The large ex-pub on the corner of Paul St and Blackall St, EC2A, nearest tube old street.

Squatters‘ anger at ‚heavy handed‘ tactics of county cricket club

WARWICKSHIRE County Cricket Club contractors were today accused of flouting the law by forcing their way into a squat.

Squatters claim they were left terrified by contractors who turned up with “a hammer, a saw and a crowbar” to smash down the front door of 312 Pershore Road, which is owned by the club.

Suspects of 2008 squatter assault arrested

Amsterdam has arrested three people suspected of beating up a visitor to a squatters‘ café in September 2008. The victim, a regular visitor nicknamed „Yoghurt“, was left for dead in the road. The 34-year-old man survived the assault but sustained irreversible damage.

Initialen arrestanten Vrankrijkzaak bekend

AMSTERDAM – De initialen van de arrestanten van de Vrankrijkzaak zijn
bekend gemaakt. Het gaat om J.D. alias ‘Jeroen Macho’, C.L. alias Carlo en
de Deen J.G., ook wel Jakob genaamd.
afbeelding vergroten Het café van krakersbolwerk Vrankrijk. De gemeente
wil het sluiten.
De drie werden afgelopen maandag in Krommenie en Amsterdam opgepakt. Ze
worden verdacht van de zwaar mishandelen van kraker ‘Yoghurt’. Deze kraker
werd op 13 september 2008 hardhandig uit het kraakcafé Vrankrijk gezet.
Daarbij raakte hij zo ernstig gewond dat hij in een rolstoel terecht kwam.
Maanden lang discussieerden de krakers online over het incident. De namen
van de drie verdachten worden al die tijd al genoemd. Alle drie zijn ze
actief en bekend in de Amsterdamse kraakwereld.
AD/Amsterdam 26-03-2009

New Social Center in Amsterdam/Centrum squatted

Reclaim the city!

Today the 21 of march we squatted Piet Heinkade 2 and De Ruyterkade 153-157 on „het Ij“ which are part of the recently built bridge on the level of the Muzikgebouw behind Central Station. Those two spaces have been remained empty and unused since their construction or rather the construction of the bridge in 2004. The owner of the whole complex is the City Amsterdam, but the 2 squatted places are additional owned by Woningcooperatie Ymere.
We are planning to use the space as an autonomous social center, where workshops, info evenings, movy evenings, peolpe’s kitchen, bar, bike repair shop, library and distro, silkscreening and many more activities will take place (see the programm for the first week below).