60 shanty houses in 2 Bangkok squatter communities burnt down

A big fire swept through 60 shanty houses in two adjacent squatter communites in Bangkok’s Yannawa district, injuring three people.

Police said the fire broke out at the Sonamai Aramduang on Soi Satupradit 28 at 11 am.

Police said the blaze spread very fast, causing shanty houses in the Rong Kaew commmunity to also catch fire.

Some 50 fire engines took about an hour to control the blaze.

A female teacher of the Sarasart Ektra School nearby choked on the fume and was rushed to the St Louise Hospital.

Manee Naruelopas, a community resident, aslo chocked on the fume and was sent to the Chulalongkorn Hosptial.

Worawut Limphokul, another community resident, suffered bruises on his arms and legs after he jumped down the second floor. He received first-aid treatment from officials.

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