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Squatting. A film by Larisa Matteissen

Release date 3rd of February 2009
1 hour 25 minutes

Squatters Hit Local Foreclosed Homes

„We‘re not the police, we‘re not armed,“ Dave Whitcomb said.
Whitcomb, a Lansing real estate agent said he might think twice before walking into a foreclosed house without some protection.
„When you go in there and you get surprised by someone, you don‘t know who they are or whether they‘re armed,“ Whitcomb said. „It’s a dangerous situation.“
He said squatters are giving new meaning to the phrase ‚make yourself at home‘ in vacant properties around town, and it’s become a growing problem.

Nude squatters are evicted

TWO busty squatters bared all for arty photos before being cleared from a £22.5million London mansion.
In one of the saucy images, 18-year-old squatter Claire is seen reclining in the bath with her legs over the side while her pal Stephanie Smith, 21, is perched on a ledge above.

Pensioner squatting in her own £2m home says she will ‚fight to stay‘

Aged 71 and the daughter of a millionaire property tycoon, she’s not your average squatter. But Rosalie Reeves-Fisher says she has no choice.
The spinster inherited her £2.2million home from her mother, who bought it in 1973 after the death of her husband, a millionaire property developer.
But a mortgage company evicted her when she was unable to maintain payments on a £1.2million loan.

60 shanty houses in 2 Bangkok squatter communities burnt down

A big fire swept through 60 shanty houses in two adjacent squatter communites in Bangkok’s Yannawa district, injuring three people.